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CBD Capsules

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CBD Tincture

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Pure CBD Lotion

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Tennessee (TN) About



  • Tennessee (TN) About
  • Trek Across Tennessee
  • Administration of Tennessee Promise
  • Tennessee is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. Tennessee is the 36th largest and the. The three stars on the flag represent the three different land forms in Tennessee. Mountains in the east, highlands in the middle and lowlands in the west. On the. Two official salutes to the Tennessee flag have been adopted. The first official salute was written by Lucy Steele Harrison and adopted in "Three white.

    Tennessee (TN) About

    Come experience Fun and Adventure, Naturally…. Founded in , Tennessee State Parks preserves and protects the unique natural, cultural and historic resources of our state. Learn about the mission, vision, values and leadership of our park system. We value your opinion. Please let us know how we're doing and where we can improve by completing our customer survey. Interested in joining us on our mission to preserve and protect Tennessee's natural resources?

    Check out our list of current job openings. Check out our FAQ section to find some of the most common answers to questions about our parks. Looking for ways to get involved in our parks? Learn more about friends groups and other volunteer opportunities at each of our 56 parks. Did you know that we employee an official naturalist for the state of Tennessee? Throughout the year, Randy can be found leading waterfall tours, wildflower hikes, nature walks and scenic excursions at a variety of state parks and natural areas.

    Learn more about our naturalist and join him on an adventure today. The Tennessee Naturalist Program TNP is an educational training program designed to introduce the natural history of Tennessee to interested adults.

    Soybeans are also heavily planted in West Tennessee, focusing on the northwest corner of the state. Tennessee is a right to work state, as are most of its Southern neighbors. Unionization has historically been low and continues to decline as in most of the U. As of May , the state had an unemployment rate of 4.

    Tennessee's Hall income tax does not apply to salaries and wages, but most dividends and interest are taxable. Food is taxed at a lower rate of 5. Local sales taxes are collected in most jurisdictions, at rates varying from 1.

    Intangible property tax is assessed on the shares of stock of stockholders of any loan company, investment company, insurance company or for-profit cemetery companies. Tourism contributes billions of dollars every year to the state's economy and Tennessee is ranked among the Top 10 destinations in the US. Tourism-generated jobs for the state reached ,, a 2. In tourism within the state from local citizens accounted for The average stay was 2.

    Some of the top tourist attractions in the state are: Tennessee has played a critical role in the development of many forms of American popular music, including rock and roll , blues , country , and rockabilly. Beale Street in Memphis is considered by many to be the birthplace of the blues, with musicians such as W. Handy performing in its clubs as early as Moreover, the Rockabilly Hall of Fame , an online site recognizing the development of rockabilly in which Tennessee played a crucial role, is based in Nashville.

    Tennessee is home to three major professional sports franchises: A yet-to-be-named Major League Soccer franchise is scheduled to begin play in Nashville in The state is also home to 14 teams playing in minor leagues. Nine Minor League Baseball teams call the state their home. Three soccer teams compete in the National Premier Soccer League , one of a number of de facto fourth-level leagues in the U. In addition, the women's basketball team has won a host of SEC regular-season and tournament titles along with 8 national titles.

    The Tennessee—Vanderbilt football rivalry began in , having since played over times. In June , the Vanderbilt Commodores baseball team won its first men's national championship by winning the College World Series.

    Two of these participate in the top level of college football, the Football Bowl Subdivision. Belmont and Lipscomb have an intense rivalry in men's and women's basketball known as the Battle of the Boulevard , with both schools' men's and women's teams playing two games each season against each other a rare feature among non-conference rivalries. Tennessee is also home to Bristol Motor Speedway which features NASCAR Cup Series racing two weekends a year, routinely selling out more than , seats on each date; it also was the home of the Nashville Superspeedway , which held Nationwide and IndyCar races until it was shut down in Tennessee's only graded stakes horse race, the Iroquois Steeplechase , is also held in Nashville each May.

    National Indoor Tennis Championships has been held at Memphis since men's and women's. Interstate 40 crosses the state in a west-east orientation.

    I , although technically an east-west interstate, runs from the North Carolina border below Johnson City to its terminus at Kingsport. I is an east-west interstate that runs cross-state from Chattanooga to Clarksville. In a north-south orientation are highways I , I , I , and I Interstate 65 crosses the state through Nashville, while Interstate 75 serves Chattanooga and Knoxville and Interstate 55 serves Memphis.

    Interstate 81 enters the state at Bristol and terminates at its junction with I near Dandridge. I is a branch highway from I The only spur highway of I in Tennessee is I , which is in Knoxville. When completed, I will travel through the western part of the state, from South Fulton to Memphis. A branch interstate, I also exists from Millington to Collierville. Because Memphis International Airport is the major hub for FedEx Corporation , it is the world's largest air cargo operation.

    Nashville is served by the Music City Star commuter rail service. BNSF operates a major intermodal facility in Memphis. The Executive Branch is led by Tennessee's governor, who holds office for a four-year term and may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.

    The governor is the only official who is elected statewide. Unlike most states, the state does not elect the lieutenant governor directly; the Tennessee Senate elects its Speaker, who serves as lieutenant governor. The governor is supported by 22 cabinet-level departments, most headed by a commissioner who serves at the pleasure of the governor:. The Executive Branch also includes several agencies, boards and commissions, some of which are under the auspices of one of the cabinet-level departments.

    The bicameral Legislative Branch, known as the Tennessee General Assembly , consists of the member Senate and the member House of Representatives. Senators serve four-year terms, and House members serve two-year terms. Each chamber chooses its own speaker. The speaker of the state Senate also holds the title of lieutenant-governor.

    Constitutional officials in the legislative branch are elected by a joint session of the legislature. The highest court in Tennessee is the state Supreme Court. It has a chief justice and four associate justices. No more than two justices can be from the same Grand Division. The Supreme Court of Tennessee also appoints the Attorney General , a practice that is not found in any of the other 49 states.

    Tennessee's current state constitution was adopted in The state had two earlier constitutions. The first was adopted in , the year Tennessee joined the union, and the second was adopted in The Constitution outlaws martial law within its jurisdiction. This may be a result of the experience of Tennessee residents and other Southerners during the period of military control by Union Northern forces of the U. Tennessee politics, like that of most U.

    Grantham traces divisions in the state to the period of the American Civil War: The eastern section was made up of yeoman farmers, but Middle and West Tennessee farmers cultivated crops such as tobacco and cotton which were dependent on the use of slave labor.

    These areas became defined as Democratic after the war. During Reconstruction, freedmen and former free people of color were granted the right to vote; most joined the Republican Party.

    Numerous African Americans were elected to local offices, and some to state office. Following Reconstruction, Tennessee continued to have competitive party politics; but in the s, the white-dominated state government passed four laws, the last of which imposed a poll tax requirement for voter registration.

    These served to disenfranchise most African Americans, and their power in state and local politics was markedly reduced. In African Americans comprised In the state legislature enacted a bill enabling cities to adopt this structure without legislative approval. After disenfranchisement of blacks, the Republican Party in Tennessee became a primarily white sectional party supported only in the eastern part of the state.

    In the 20th century, except for two nationwide Republican landslides of the s in , when Tennessee narrowly supported Warren G. In that postwar decade, it twice voted for Republican Dwight D. Since then, more of the state's voters have shifted to supporting Republicans, and Democratic presidential candidates have carried Tennessee only four times. By African Americans comprised It was not until after the mids and passage of the Voting Rights Act of that they were able to vote in full again, but new devices, such as at-large commission city governments, had been adopted in several jurisdictions to limit their political participation.

    Winfield Dunn and former U. Bill Brock wins in helped make the Republican Party competitive among whites for the statewide victory. Tennessee has selected governors from different parties since In the early 21st century, Republican voters control most of the state, especially in the more rural and suburban areas outside of the cities; Democratic strength is mostly confined to the urban cores of the four major cities, and is particularly strong in the cities of Nashville and Memphis.

    The latter area includes a large African-American population. Tennessee's 1st and 2nd congressional districts, based in the Tri-Cities and Knoxville, respectively, are among the few historically Republican districts in the South. Those districts' residents supported the Union over the Confederacy during the Civil War; they identified with the GOP after the war and have stayed with that party ever since.

    The first has been in Republican hands continuously since , and Republicans or their antecedents have held it for all but four years since The second has been held continuously by Republicans or their antecedents since Senator from Tennessee, failed to carry his home state, an unusual occurrence but indicative of strengthening Republican support.

    Johnson , Jimmy Carter , Bill Clinton usually fare better than their Northern counterparts do in Tennessee, especially among split-ticket voters outside the metropolitan areas. Tennessee sends nine members to the US House of Representatives , of whom there are seven Republicans and two Democrats.

    In the elections, the Republican party gained control of both houses of the Tennessee state legislature for the first time since Reconstruction. Carr decision of the US Supreme Court established the principle of " one man, one vote ", requiring state legislatures to redistrict to bring Congressional apportionment in line with decennial censuses.

    It also required both houses of state legislatures to be based on population for representation and not geographic districts such as counties. This case arose out of a lawsuit challenging the longstanding rural bias of apportionment of seats in the Tennessee legislature.

    The ruling also applied to numerous other states long controlled by rural minorities, such as Alabama, Vermont, and Montana. The state of Tennessee maintains four dedicated law enforcement entities: The Highway Patrol is the primary law enforcement entity that concentrates on highway safety regulations and general non- wildlife state law enforcement and is under the jurisdiction of the Tennessee Department of Safety. The TWRA is an independent agency tasked with enforcing all wildlife, boating, and fisheries regulations outside of state parks.

    The TBI maintains state-of-the-art investigative facilities and is the primary state-level criminal investigative department. Tennessee State Park Rangers are responsible for all activities and law enforcement inside the Tennessee State Parks system. Tennessee's Constitution requires that each County have an elected Sheriff.

    In 94 of the 95 counties the Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer in the county and has jurisdiction over the county as a whole. Each Sheriff's Office is responsible for warrant service, court security, jail operations and primary law enforcement in the unincorporated areas of a county as well as providing support to the municipal police departments.

    Incorporated municipalities are required to maintain a police department to provide police services within their corporate limits.

    The three counties in Tennessee to adopt metropolitan governments have taken different approaches to resolving the conflict that a Metro government presents to the requirement to have an elected Sheriff. Gun laws in Tennessee regulate the sale, possession, and use of firearms and ammunition.

    Concealed carry and open-carry of a handgun is permitted with a Tennessee handgun carry permit or an equivalent permit from a reciprocating state.

    As of July 1, , a permit is no longer required to possess a loaded handgun in a motor vehicle. Capital punishment has existed in Tennessee at various times since statehood. Before , the method of execution was hanging. From to , there was a hiatus on executions but they were reinstated in when electrocution became the new method. From to , after the Supreme Court ruled Furman v. Georgia capital punishment unconstitutional, there were no further executions.

    Capital punishment was restarted in , although those prisoners awaiting execution between and had their sentences mostly commuted to life in prison. Since , Tennessee has executed seven prisoners. Tennessee has 59 prisoners on death row as of October Lethal injection was approved by the legislature in , though those who were sentenced to death before January 1, , may request electrocution.

    This is governed directly by the tribe. Tennessee has a rich variety of public, private, charter, and specialized education facilities ranging from pre-school through university education. Public higher education is under the oversight of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission which provides guidance to two public university systems — the University of Tennessee system and the Tennessee Board of Regents.

    In addition a number of private colleges and universities are located throughout the state. Public primary and secondary education systems are operated by county, city, or special school districts to provide education at the local level. These school districts operate under the direction of the Tennessee Department of Education.

    Private schools are found in many counties. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the U. For the river, see Tennessee River. For other uses, see Tennessee disambiguation. State of the United States of America. List of counties in Tennessee and Geology of Tennessee. List of Tennessee state parks. List of municipalities in Tennessee and List of largest cities and towns in Tennessee by population.

    Largest cities or towns in Tennessee Source: Admission to the Union and List of U. List of Tennessee locations by per capita income. Music of Tennessee and Music of East Tennessee. List of Governors of Tennessee , United States congressional delegations from Tennessee , Tennessee's congressional districts , and Political party strength in Tennessee.

    Gun laws in Tennessee. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. List of colleges and universities in Tennessee. List of school districts in Tennessee and List of high schools in Tennessee. List of Tennessee state symbols. State amphibian — Tennessee cave salamander State bird — mockingbird State game bird — bobwhite quail State butterfly — zebra swallowtail State sport fish — smallmouth bass State commercial fish — channel catfish State cultivated flower — iris State wild flowers — passion flower and Tennessee echinacea State insects — firefly and lady beetle State agricultural insect — honey bee State wild animal — raccoon State horse — Tennessee Walking Horse State reptile — eastern box turtle State firearm — Barrett M82 [] State tree — tulip poplar State evergreen tree — eastern red cedar State beverage — milk State dance — square dance State fruit — tomato State fossil — Pterotrigonia Scabrotrigonia thoracica State gem — Tennessee River pearl State mineral — agate State rock — limestone State motto — Agriculture and Commerce State poem — "Oh Tennessee, My Tennessee" by Admiral William Lawrence State slogan — Tennessee — America at its Best State songs — nine songs.

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    Trek Across Tennessee

    him officially, and shall be called “The Great Seal of the State of Tennessee.” and motto” for a seal, while the other was to contract with a suitable person to cut . Discover the sights, sounds and experiences that created the Soundtrack of America. Find inspiration and plan your perfect Tennessee vacation today. Tennessee is more than panoramic views and high-powered entertainment. In bustling cities and charming towns spread across three distinct regions.

    Administration of Tennessee Promise



    him officially, and shall be called “The Great Seal of the State of Tennessee.” and motto” for a seal, while the other was to contract with a suitable person to cut .


    Discover the sights, sounds and experiences that created the Soundtrack of America. Find inspiration and plan your perfect Tennessee vacation today.


    Tennessee is more than panoramic views and high-powered entertainment. In bustling cities and charming towns spread across three distinct regions.

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